Interview with Perfect Privacy for BestVPNrating

Last updated: October 20, 2016

Interview with Perfect Privacy for BestVPNratingWe’d like to present you a new interview that has been conducted with Perfect Privacy VPN, which is to make you take another look at the service. Being a provider concerned about security, such defensive facilities as cascaded connections, complete firewall and dedicated servers usage are proposed to the clients. So, why the provider uses protected connection to the Internet and why you should choose the service these and many other issues have been discussed in the exclusive interview.

- Please, introduce yourself and tell us a few words about your company and the service. 

- Founded in 2008, Perfect Privacy is a non-logging VPN service that provides its users with security and anonymity on the internet. Security is our highest priority and we trust in Open-Source software and develop our privacy solutions in-house without third parties. Perfect Privacy is situated in Zug, Switzerland.

“We develop 
our privacy solutions in-house without third parties”.

- Does the phrase “Internet freedom” exist? Has it changed recently?

- We like to believe that every user should have the possibility to access all information on the internet equally. Unfortunately this is less and less the case in today's world. Even in countries like the UK, providers are forced to block certain websites, whereas in Turkey it is commonplace to block social media sites like Twitter and Facebook during a crisis. With a VPN service like Perfect Privacy users are always able to access all websites no matter in what country they are in – our goal is to provide this kind of "internet freedom". 

- What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service? 

- In the recent years we have constantly improved and extended our service. Most significantly we always prioritize the security of our users: whenever a new security problem threatens to de-anonymize our users, we implement protection against it. Our users are protected against all common information leaks like DNS leaks, port fail, WebRTC, or Microsoft account leaks. 

“…whenever a new security problem threatens to de-anonymize our 
users, we implement protection against it”.

- What is unique about your VPN Service? 

- We are proud to be the only VPN provider that combines a massive feature set with no compromise to security. We are the only VPN provider that offers advanced features like cascaded connections, complete firewall protection while not limiting our users bandwidth. Furthermore we only use dedicated servers (no VPS) so we can guarantee that users can utilize the full bandwidth. 

- Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors? 

- Users that want the best possible anonymity and security and rely on consistent high-speed connections with no limits, Perfect Privacy is the ideal solution. Additionally we offer a variety of premium features like port forwarding, cascaded connections and server-side ad and malware blocking (TrackStop).

Interview with Perfect Privacy for BestVPNrating

- Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms 
of privacy protection? 

- Since our servers are fully encrypted and all services are running in RAM only, there is no technical difference in what location is used. Generally we recommend using a server close to your location to minimize latency or to use our European Gigabit servers.

- Which innovations/new technologies are expected to be in VPN sphere? 

- VPN is a very established and proven technology so it is unlikely that it will change significantly in the future. However, because the internet as well as operating systems and software become more complicated, it is a constant challenge to protect VPN users against newly discovered attacks. Our developers are always making sure that our users are protected against such risks. 

“…it is a constant challenge to protect VPN users against 
newly discovered attacks”.

- Do you personally use VPN account? What for? 

- I am always using a VPN account when using the internet. For the simple reason that I don't want to leave my real IP address on every server that I visit. Additionally I use VPN to access country-specific content (like video content from BBC or American television channels, which are only available in the respective countries).

- Could you wish anything for the users? 

- We wish that users, no matter where they are, can always access any content on the internet they want in the future. Since this is not always possible depending on the internet access, we will continue to provide our VPN service to give people with restricted internet access a way to circumvent such censorship.

Having established the output, Perfect Privacy VPN is being continually improved. Being a client of such a customer-concerned service is a good bargain for any user. The guarantee of protecting from newly discovered attacks is enforced with strong protocols and add-ons, such as port forwarding, cascaded connections, server-side ad and TrackStop.

We wish Perfect Privacy VPN every success!