Interview with nVPN for BestVPNrating

Last updated: May 14, 2018

We are happy to introduce you a hot and hot interview that has been carried out with Max the CEO of Being launched 6 years ago, the service has made a good showing. The nVpn output is tagged as trustworthy for most conscious customers looking for a reliable service aimed at providing them with online security and privacy. A combination of such outstanding features as a decent selection of some ‘exotic’ VPN countries like Mexico, Kosovo, etc., and a large variety of payment methods and dedicated IPs have played a part of no little significance in the company’s progress achievement. So, make your day while reading the interview.

- Please, introduce yourself and tell us a few words about your company and the service.

- My name is Maksim (Max) and my role is being the CEO of We are a group of four privacy minded individuals and enthusiasts operating this high quality VPN service, which was founded in 2010 (for purely egoistic reasons at the outset).

Simply put, at the end of the day our greatest motivation is to offer the best possible privacy for all of us, which should benefit our paying members, staff, friends, our families and even myself. We have a strong belief in uncensored free internet and do everything possible to guarantee and maintain this idea. Doing so we have a strict NO logging policy and offer a wide range of different protocols for everyone's needs (OpenVPN, L2TP/IPsec (IKEv1/IKEv2), Socks5 and Squid proxy). Apart from this we are striving to make using a VPN as simple as possible for everyone, even the 50+ year’s laymen, by coding our own custom OpenVPN client.

- Does the phrase “Internet freedom” exist? Has it changed recently?

- Internet freedom still exists it just depends on how much effort a user is willing to invest in order to get it. This question is as well hard to answer, because "internet freedom" varies from country to country. But yes, it’s easy to tell many things changed in the last years. 5 years ago Snowden wasn't in the thick of it, terroristic attacks weren't a possible event on daily six o’ clock news and Governments treated VPNs more like a sideline niche product, basically something they didn't like, but something they haven't really put too much attention to. Nowadays many of those things have already changed, or are about to do it. Governments like the UK and US are hectically stomping out new snooping laws (rule 41) out the ground, trying to break Encryption and making VPN services life harder. What we see here is just the beginning and worse can be expected within the next 5 years. On the other hand, it has always been a Cat and Mouse game with dynamic developments here and there.

- Where is the headquarters of your company situated?

- We don't have a company headquarter in that form. We are a group of 4 individuals spread over the east European region. For tax reasons only, we have a company registered in Bosnia, though which is not mixed with running VPN in any way.

- What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service?

- That most likely varies for each and everyone's purpose, for some people it solely might be the anonymity layer, for others it's about torrenting their favorite movies in silence and for the rest it can be to combat DDoS attacks in Gaming (only on some of our servers) and then again for some others to simply unblock a website/service and the list goes on, not to forget some people even host Websites on our service. A VPN can be a very versatile service, which can bring a wide range of benefits for each and everyone's own different reasoning - therefore it is hard to name the biggest achievements, because it simply differs for everyone.

That said and if asking me directly, the biggest achievement is to be able to trust into our own privacy optimized infrastructure, which has been the strongest motivation and basically the only reason why nVpn was started in 2010, I remember having a hard time putting my trust into another hand and being a control freak, I just knew I have to do it myself, therefore the business has been developed for six years already.

If asked from a technical standpoint, I would say clustering our Backend infrastructure and working on our own custom OpenVPN client, which is basically finished now, have been the biggest achievements. Furthermore maintaining a service for many years at a high quality standard, that alone is already an achievement.

- What is unique about your VPN Service?

- After all the wide range of protocols, a strict and proven NO log policy, also a how to say more of a personal and not too stiff relationship that we try to keep with our members (at least, that is what we hear often as feedback in support) and a large amount of features in generally (Portforwarding, sTunnel, Anti DPI Solutions) a decent selection of exotic VPN countries like Iran, Mexico, Kosovo, Kaliningrad can be considered as unique. As well a large selection of different Payment methods including rare ones like CashU, Alipay, Qiwi, Paysafecard and Amazon Giftcards is pretty unique.

Due to the fact our entire system is coded from scratch it leaves room to create custom solutions, whenever needed and the way how our Backend system is setup is pretty unique too - without going too much into details now - it provides a 98% uptime for all relevant services which are required in order to keep the whole service up and running. Moreover, the fact that we can offer Dedicated IPs for an affordable price is rather rare to see too.

- Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors?

- Most customers often have an image in their vision what they like to see in a VPN and a good essence of that may be found in this interview, or summed up in previous answers. Then again there are VPNs for everyone, so it still depends what the customer’s main buying reasons are, but if a customer is looking for an already longtime in business, proven anonymous VPN solution, then he can go with us and doesn't need to be worried to regret it. Besides, there's only a handful of proven NO logging VPN services out there and if that - aside from the other mentioned points like a wide range of protocols, features - is a high priority on the buyer's priority list, then going with us is a good decision.

- Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms of privacy protection?

- Not too long ago it used to be Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, Iceland, Norway and even Romania. Lately this has shifted a bit here and there and I would no longer include Sweden and Russia in this list, due to law changes and different vibes we have noticed. In 2016, soon to be 2017 a better list could be just Switzerland, Norway, Romania and Iceland.

- Which innovations/new technologies are expected to be in VPN sphere?

- That is a good question, for which I don’t have any good answer for today, feel free to ask me again next year :) We keep a close ear on the market, law changes and everything else and maybe I will be able to give you a better answer to this question next year. At the moment it's hard to tell what the next big thing is. Striving for maximum anonymity remains the goal, but which innovations and/or new technologies are going to be playing a part in this, soon, or even longtime is something that I can't properly answer today, we will have to wait and see.

- Do you personally use VPN account? What for?

- Yes I'm using our VPN 90% of time on a daily basis. Mainly for normal browsing activities and due to own anonymity reasons.

- Could you wish anything for the users?

- Looking a decade forward from today on, I’m wishing the user the same that I wish for myself, a free uncensored internet where “freedom of speech” and “privacy” are not some unknown terms from the past which you would have to look up in older dictionaries.

The service called nVpn is a classic example of what hard work leads to. A company consisting of four enthusiasts living in Eastern Europe has proved that a reliable service can earn respect of trusty clients all over the globe. So, thinking about subscribing for a decent VPN service, look through nVpn, as it is really worth noting.

We wish you all success in the coming year!