Interview with LiquidVPN for BestVPNRating

Last updated: May 14, 2018

LiquidVPN - vpn service

1. Can you tell us few words about yourself and your VPN service?

I have a degree in International Business Marketing from Eastern Michigan University, I joined LiquidVPN in 2016 to help LiquidVPN grow into new markets.

2. Please say few words about internet freedom in the past, present and future.

The past was sort of like the wild west. There were very few limits and/or laws that governed what you could or could not do. Things really started to change in 2000/2001. Now we are seeing more and more of our freedoms taken away. The future is still very murky, Netizens have a lot of power when they mobilize. We are just waiting for that to happen.

LiquidVPN - vpn services - location

3. Where are your company headquarters?

Cheyenne WY

4. What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service?

I think from a technical standpoint we are most proud of IP Modulation.

5. What is unique about your VPN Service?

The LiquidVPN app comes with a fully functioning firewall to stop anything from leaking, we offer 3 topologies (shared IPs, public IPs, modulating IPs), we offer smart USA/UK streaming for Netflix, Hulu and the like.

6. Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors?

Value, There is no other service that provides public IPs and Smart DNS (for USA and UK) at the same price point as LiquidVPN.

Interview with LiquidVPN for BestVPNRating

7. Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms of privacy protection?

I would recommend connecting to a country outside of the country you live in.

8. Which innovations/new technologies are expected in VPN sphere?

We are phasing out PPTP and are going to implement IKEv2 for better iOS support this year.

9. Do you personally use VPN account? What for?

Yes I do whenever I am connecting from a guest network.


Patty Hamm

Chief Marketing Officer at LiquidVPN Inc.