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Last updated: November 04, 2016

If you’ve ever tried to look for a good VPN, you know that the market of VPN services is loaded of various output offers. But we see after the interests of our followers and help you to choose a surefire way. We are excited to present an interview we have just taken from Vasiliy Ivanov, a co-founder and CEO at KeepSolid. We offer you to have a dip in the interview, which is to let you in on some secrets of VPN Unlimited success. KeepSolid Wise protocol, SDK and other technological innovations appear as follows.

Interview with KeepSolid for BestVPNrating- Please, introduce yourself and tell us a few words about your company and the service.

- I’m Vasiliy Ivanov, a co-founder and CEO at KeepSolid. KeepSolid is a security and productivity software development company. One of our key products is VPN Unlimited. Our VPN is a solution for users to browse the web anonymously and a tool to protect their privacy online.

- Does the phrase “Internet freedom” exist? Has it changed recently?

- It does exist. However, unfortunately, only 31% of users have it. Access to online resources is heavily censored worldwide. According to the NGO Freedom House, between May 2013 and May 2014, 41 countries passed or proposed legislation to expand government surveillance capabilities, increase government powers to control content, and to penalize legitimate forms of speech online. In 2015 they reported a further decline: more governments censored information of public interest while also expanding surveillance and cracking down on privacy tools.

“We already see that 2016
hasn’t gotten any better.”

We already see that 2016 hasn’t gotten any better. WhatsApp has been twice blocked in Brazil this year, Turkey has been constantly blocking Twitter and other social media for their citizens, Russia has recently banned Pornhub, and there are many more similar examples.

- Where is the headquarters of your company situated?

- Our headquarters is in New York, the USA. However, KeepSolid is getting to a new level, we are launching new projects, and almost all of us are in Odessa, Ukraine, where the major part of the team works.

- What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service?

- First and foremost, it’s our users. Over 5 million users trust us. We stand for the internet without censorship and for the right to be private online. Thanks to our customers support and their feedback we know we are moving in a right direction.

“Over 5 million users trust us
We stand for the internet without
censorship and for the right to be
private online.”

Secondly, it’s our growth. The first version of the app supported only one client (platform) and we had only two servers in the USA and Netherlands. Now we have servers on six continents, over 300 servers, support all key platforms and have extensions for browsers.

- What is unique about your VPN Service?

- We developed a custom protocol called KeepSolid Wise. It disguises VPN traffic as HTTPS traffic. KeepSolid Wise is designed for use in countries where the use of VPN’s is blocked.

Another unique solution we offer to third-party developers is our SDK. Other companies can implement our VPN into their apps to encrypt and protect their users’ data or bypass restrictions, imposed by ISP providers or authorities.

We have to offer our users their own personal servers and personal IP’s. In the nearest future, we are adding team subscription plans that will make the use of VPN Unlimited in offices easier.

Interview with KeepSolid for BestVPNrating- Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors?

- We support nearly all imaginable platforms. The app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows Phone, Windows, Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Users can install VPN Unlimited on their routers or get a router with pre-installed VPN Unlimited from our partners, Flashrouters. VPN Unlimited is also compatible with Apple TV, Amazon TV, Android TV, as well as game consoles.

We offer a wide range of additions, like personal servers, personal IP’s, and additional slots for devices for users that need more than 5 simultaneous connections.

We are constantly adding new servers in new regions and adding new features to keep our service up to date.

- Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms of privacy protection?

- Servers in all countries are equally protected and solid. We encrypt all incoming and outgoing traffic. If consider the jurisdiction under which the data centers are operated, then users could prefer servers in Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Ireland, and Lithuania.

KeepSolid features- Which innovations/new technologies are expected in VPN sphere?

- As I mentioned earlier, SDK is one of the first steps. VPN services will integrate with other services to strengthen each other and provide higher level of protection to end user in future.

- Do you personally use VPN account? What for?

- Of course, I do. I always use VPN Unlimited when traveling for both security reason and to access the web resources and services I use at home. Wi-Fi networks in airports and hotels, as well as hotspots on conferences and coffee shops, are totally insecure so I do not turn off my VPN at all. Also, I additionally check the service performance and give my feedback to the development team.

“I always use VPN Unlimited…
and give my feedback to the development team.”

- Could you wish anything for the users?

- I wish them to be absolutely free online, don’t experience any invented restrictions, and do what they love without any limits or boarders if what they love is honest and fair.

Doubtless,VPN Unlimited gets things done. This is especially noticeable when looking at all the innovative technologies KeepSolid develops. KeepSolid Wise, SDK, personal servers and IPs act as a direct positive demonstration of hard work and desire to draw customers’ interest and satisfy them with the service. We wish you accomplish your goals and continue surprising us with your innovations.

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