Interview with for BestVPNRating

Last updated: June 30, 2016 - vpn service

1. Can you tell us few words about yourself and your VPN service?

Hey I’m Alex from and I look after the external communications here. is amongst the world’s most prestigious VPN brands which helps more than 5 million people stay safe and secure on the internet and most of them use it for free.


2. Please say few words about internet freedom in the past, present and future.

If I talk about past, I think it was just great, internet was unregulated and as free as it could possibly get. I wish we could see that time again. In the past I don’t remember any website being blocked or geo restricted and that was the beauty of internet. At present, we have started seeing our lives greatly being influenced by what we say, write or do on the internet. We see websites restricting themselves to geographical boundaries and making their content country centric. Netflix is one huge example of this. For future, I can’t say much but apparently it seems that people will get a lot more educated about internet privacy, security and freedom and they will look for solutions like VPNs to combat the threats posed by hackers, ISPs & Governments. - vpn service, location

3. Where are your company headquarters?

Malaysia (The laws here do no force us to maintain any kind of user logs). 


4. What are the most significant achievements of your VPN Service?

We are an exceptionally fast growing VPN. We have approximately 5 million users who enjoy free internet security and privacy. We think this is a great achievement for us that we enable millions of people to stay safe and secure on the internet without spending a dime.


5. What is unique about your VPN Service?

We are the only VPN service which offers such a broad range of VPN protocols to make sure that we are relevant to a very broad audience.


6. Why should customers choose your VPN Service instead of your competitors?

We are the only VPN provider who volunteered their entire infrastructure to be audited by 3rd party auditors. is independently audited by Leon Juranic who is the world's leading internet security analyst, who declared to be a completely log free VPN. Users can trust our word when we say that they will be anonymous.


7. Which countries in your opinion are the best to connect to in terms of privacy protection?

Using our VPN, every country should be equally safe as we don’t keep any logs and no one can access our servers. However, If you ask me generally, I would say Netherlands is the best.


8. Which innovations/new technologies are expected in VPN sphere? - vpn service - iot technologyVPNs will become an integral part of OSs moving ahead and especially when it comes to OSs for IoT.


9. Do you personally use VPN account? What for?

I personally use VPN to ensure that I protect myself from any cyber criminals and hackers.