Indian VPN vs proxy

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Indian VPN vs proxyBeing an advanced customer living in India or travelling there for business you might have already known that the internet there is highly restricted. Therefore, before traveling there you need to find a good solution for your network protection and freedom. One of the most effective solutions in the field is a VPN for India.

A VPN is a private network created for people concerned about their vulnerable data protection and freedom of online activities. Having established the technology, you achieve several fictional benefits, such as:

  • A possibility to shift and hinder your true geo-location and address.
  • A possibility to make all your traffic encoded.
  • A high level of online anonymity.

Any good VPN company offers a wide list of server locations placed in different countries. Having chosen one of the servers located outside your country, you get a free internet access to all favorite web resources and apps. Besides, you get a chance to speak out online without a fear of being traced back and punished, because all the information coming from your hidden IP is unreadable for adversaries and prying eyes.

Actually, there is another service known as a proxy. The two tools have one common treat. As well as a VPN, a proxy server hides your true address or provides a list of US streaming services unblocked and ready for being watched. Unfortunately, for such highly-censored country as India the measure isn’t be enough, as soon as all your traffic is transparent and visible for ISPs and other interested parties. However, it should be your private choice, as soon as this is you who will run the tool.