Indian Government Publishes New Derogating from User Rights Law

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Indian Government Publishes New Derogating from User Rights Law Enactment of a new law on prosecution and financial responsibility, in amount of 4.465$, of Internet users visiting banned websites, such as Weebly, Vimeo, Github and 857 new ones, can make India one of the leading countries with numerous VPN service customers. If the law is vested with power, almost every Indian Internet user will be endangered. At this stage, Indian government has just warned those customers using banned sites, but its existence indicates a direct threat to each private life and freedom of speech.

It is common knowledge, that in a country with authoritarian regime, where the laws infringing user rights are adopted, more and more customers using VPNs’ defensive measures. A reliable VPN gives guarantees for its client security. Up-to-date defensive functions of these VPNs, which are based on various encrypting schemes supported by different protocols, can give Indian citizens a chance to escape the law force. Almost all VPN services have a wide network location giving its users an opportunity to choose any country they want. The option has been developed in order to give customers a possibility to rule their life with offering to choose any personal virtual location, bypassing any restrictions provided by their government. In countries like India a VPN is not just the way to prevent hacker attacks but also the way to feel free within established social and political system.

May 02, 2018 0 

Why would government ban GitHub. It is the repository for open source software.