Hulu thinks I am using a proxy

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Hulu thinks I am using a proxyAny keen series viewer knows that Hulu is one of the in-demand channels that keep up with the times and keep a look-out at copyright protection. Therefore, having moved outside the US, you can’t get access to the streaming service. The measure has been implied by the channel administration due to some reasons such as profit making and author’s right protection from pirating actions.

Fortunately, you won’t have to abandon the possibility to watch your favorite series and shows, as soon as you can access the channel outside the US with the help of a VPN. But in this case you will need a strong VPN service, which is to operate as well so that you can hide your true address and location while substituting it to one of the server’s addresses located in the US. Besides, a VPN should supply you with top-notch encryption methods, so that you are to access geo-located websites without any fear of being interfered. The strongest protocols for today are OpenVPN and L2TP, where PPTP pales into insignificance, as it comes short of security characteristics if compare it with the rest ones. Nevertheless, PPTP is still in-demand, due to its possibility to save bandwidth and speed. So, having decided that HD quality of video is more important for you than protection, you can easily choose the protocol for your traffic encryption. Besides, a good VPN company stores no logging data, which is good for your anonymity level.

So, if you go outside the US, you need a reliable protection from computer fraudulence and a strong service that is to help you run your ‘home’ network even being outside your country.