How to Watch US Netflix in the UK

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Netflix for the UK - VPN ServicesThere are numerous firms that are offering online streaming of films and television series today in the UK. However, none offers a comprehensive list of films and TV series as Netflix, at least to its USA audience. In order to understand how you can enjoy Netflix when in the UK, you need to know a little about it.


How the company came into being?

After being forced to pay $40 fine for returning the Apollo 13 movie when it was past due, Reed Hastings had the perfect idea of what business to start. Hastings and Marc Randolph came together in 1997 and started Netflix in 1998. The company started off as a DVD-by-mail service. In 2007, the company started streaming of films and television services in the USA. Three years later, it started streaming in Canada and now streams to almost every other country in the world.

Netflix is one of the world’s largest companies which offer online streaming of television series and films. It has its headquarters in Los Gatos in California. Over the years, Netflix has increased its presence not only in the USA where it has over 46 million customers, but also globally where it has 81 million customers. In 2012, Netflix started streaming in the UK. However, as you may already know, the content streamed in the UK is by far less compared to what the American audiences get to enjoy from Netflix.

If you are in search of great content and you feel frustrated by what Netflix is streaming in the UK, you needn’t worry anymore. There are tricks you can employ and which will enable you to get access to as much content as the person who has subscribed to the company’s services when in the USA.


How to access Netflix content, not normally available in the UK?

Netflix has made it only possible that you get to access a given number of services if you are in the USA. Of course, the firm would wish that you did workaround tricks to access more services than it already offers. In fact, at the start of 2016, the company announced that it will be fighting virtual private networks - VPN. Given that the company announced an increase of £1 to £7.50 which would take effect in 2016, you can bet many people already feel short-changed. There are those subscribers that the £1 increment took place two years ago.


Here is what you need to know about Netflix accessibility when in the UK

For a long time, a person could have used a Virtual Private Network to access whatever Netflix had to offer. Of late, the company has announced that it will be restricting and preventing its accessibility by VPNs and their proxies. A VPN is a server that is remotely located and which encodes and routes all received and sent information. The server’s algorithms are designed to hide your identity and conceal your true geographical location. This consequently makes it possible to access the Netflix content using an IP address which is in the USA or any other country of your choice. Netflix announcement that it is cracking down on VPNs should only bother you a little as the VPNs always come up with workaround solutions.

Netflix has agreements with major film production houses. Of late, however, the number of movie houses willing to work with Netflix has significantly gone down. Competition has been stiff from Amazon, NowTV, and SkyStore. In many instances, the US audience gets to watch movies and even television series way before such can be made accessible to the UK audience even though both are using Netflix. This probably because the producers of the films don’t want the content available in the UK before such are debuted. Still, this is no good reason why subscribers in the UK should have to wait for weeks to watch their favorite film or series.

There is the threat that when Netflix bans VPNs, there will be a decline in the income. However, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings announced in the January 19 earnings call that the company isn’t really worried about a decline in income or loss of subscribers due to the banning of VPNs since it will be insignificant.

Netflix is silent on what it will do to the subscribers who are caught circumventing its access policy using VPNs. However, it does clarify that subscribers will henceforth only be able to access content available in their own country. According to the company’s terms of use, a subscriber should not circumvent, alter, remove, degrade, deactivate or thwart any of the Netflix’s protection services. The company further gives a list of breaches that if you commit will force it to ‘restrict’ or ‘terminate’ your access of its services.

There are many reasons which have genuinely led Netflix to become tough on its licensing of services. But if history is to be considered, every time a company makes such a move, an increase in piracy is observed. After having read all the relevant information, including the warnings involving circumventing the Netflix systems to access the US content, it is up to you to decide.


Steps to follow in order to watch US Netflix

The first thing that you should do is download the VPN’s unblocker browser plug-in. This should be the case if you are using a PC to access Netflix. Major browsers like Chrome and Firefox should work seamlessly with your preferred VPN. To get a list of the best VPN firms to try out, visit here. Among the firms to find include Express, Goldenfrog, Hola, IPvanish, and PureVPn.

When you use a VPN such as hola, you will be required visit Netflix after downloading the browser plug-in. The plug-in will mostly notice that you are in the UK and offer you the option of switching to a US based server if it has not already done that. When you visit Netflix, you will see all the content that is available to the US subscribers and not accessible to you. Within the browser, there should be an icon which gives you the option of changing the server if the in the first log-in attempt is not successful.

There are many sites that are available to the UK residents that cannot be accessed using a US server. This would mean that if you want to browse a channel such as Sky News or BBC, or BBC iPlayer, you would need to switch the VPN off and then reload the page. You will be able to access all the UK content.

We have looked into how you can access Netflix using your PC. Let us look at what you should do when you want to access the streaming services while using an android, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, or iPad among others.

First things first, if you are looking into a way to enjoy Netflix on your XBox or PlayStation, you must adjust some Domain Name Servers (DNS) settings first. You should go to the device’s network settings where you will be required to enter the preferred DNS numbers. The DNS numbers keep on changing and the services are offered by a number of firms. You, therefore, need to be vigilant when selecting and even picking the right firm to use. You can get a great DNS from here or here. The good thing about DNS is that most of the firms offer the service for free. And even if you find the networks clogged and nagging, you can opt for one where you can pay a small monthly subscription.



Accessing USA Netflix channels and other online contents that the company offers its USA based customers when you reside in the UK is impossible if you were to ask Netflix. You should sit back and enjoy the few often delayed films and TV series that the company has for you. The situation is made even worse because the company has gone ahead and started banning VPNs. While many of VPNs have been affected adversely, it is worth noting that a good number of them are able to work around the ban and continue to offer their UK based customers the optimal USA Netflix content.

Some time back, it has been easier to just find a free VPN and be able to explore all that Netflix was offering the rest of the world and neglecting to deliver in the UK. Today, the story is different, you have to carefully choose the right VPN that will help you bypass all these licensing and Geo-restriction hullabaloos that Netflix has come up with. There are cases when customers have been caught by Netflix, but no culprit seems to have had their account terminated. Either way, Netflix will always be a step behind the ever vigilant VPNs.

It is not a crime to watch Netflix over a VPN provided you are not engaged in improper use of the service. It is hard to define improper service given that in the UK, you can only access 3,000 films and TV series while a USA subscriber gets to opt from a pool of 5,600. There are many UK sources, among them the mirror UK which advises subscribers on the simple ways you can explore the internet.

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