How to use VPN for gaming

Last updated: December 09, 2017

How to use VPN for gamingYou may not expect when your favourite game becomes inaccessible. For avoiding an unpleasant situation you should use VPN that makes you calm while enjoying the favourite game. Let’s try to define the main reasons for using it.

  • VPN is a good way for unblocking the game. It may seem rather strange but there has been a case in Russia. In August 2015 the bootleg version of the game “Legend: Legacy of the Dragons” was blocked by Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications.
  • Not everybody manage to get a beta-version. Usually it is available only for people living in the US thanks to developers from Japan. If you do not like anime it does mean that you may relax as the new beta- version of Star Wars Battlefront will be available only in the US. So use VPN and enjoy the game like a native American.
  • There are some age restrictions in every country. For this reason the games are often banned. If you want to bypass the restriction, you should know there is a special article dedicated banned games on Wikipedia.
  • You may face the situation when it’s necessary to add some money for the game, but because of local restrictions it’s impossible. For instance, the game Pokemon TCG Online implies having currency but you can buy it using the IP from Canada.
  • Using a VPN service you may save money! Sometimes local game stores offer the items for lower price. Besides, there are special offers and sales events.
  • In popular MMORPG the players are divided into different teams, it is rather complicated to play with your friend. In this case, you should connect to IP of the same country using VPN. It allows you playing together wherever you are.
  • Active players of Dota 2 and League of Legends have experienced the situation receiving DDoS. Opponents sent the request on these IP addresses so it becomes impossible to play. To cope with the situation, you should choose the powerful VPN that can withstand an attack.
  • VPN can help you to buy rare edition, as local Japanese stores set the local sales restrictions. Avoiding it all the existing collection will be available for you.
  • Netflix has a great content for the US but at the same time it provides limited access for foreigners. Install VPN, adjust router and enjoy the best movie.
  • By the way, your favourite social networks can be inaccessible at work. Using VPN it becomes accessible wherever you are staying.
How to use VPN for gaming
Ron Long
March 23, 2017 0 

I suggest use Astrill for gaming. It is compatible with ASUS or TP-Link routers so it is easy to set up and get as much as speed as possible.

How to use VPN for gaming
A. Hawkins
February 21, 2017 0 

VPN is not just good for playing online games, it is also great for accessing websites that are blocked in certain countries like Hulu. I have Astrill and I highly recommend it for fast and reliable vpn service.