How to use Snapchat in China?

Last updated: March 21, 2017

How to use Snapchat in China?As you know, Snapchat is a popular mobile app used by many people to send videos and pictures that are self-destructed after a few minutes of the addressee watching or reading. In such a way any ‘snap’ created by you can be sent to your opponent without any traces in the app’s memory. However, many people haven’t heard yet about the app that transfers 10 seconds messages.

In such a way since its introduction in 2011, many teens and adults have tried it out and become keen followers of the app. However, everyone knows that different countries maintain various monitoring over their citizens through the internet providers and apps their people run. Thus, China is rightfully considered as one of the worst countries in the sphere of internet freedom. All the methods applied by the government are focused on preserving their cultural and social heritage. Therefore, such apps as Snapchat or WhatsApp and many others are blocked there by special administration.

Having decided to go to China, you need to supply your gadget with an appropriate protection, otherwise you will be deprived of a possibility to run Skype, Snapchat and many other common apps. One of the best solutions for the issue is a high-quality VPN for China. A strong VPN is to shift your true geo-location with the help of its servers placed all over the globe. Having established a connection to the internet through one of the servers, your authentic address is changed for the server’s one. Besides, all your data is thoroughly encrypted with the help of up-to-date protocols and bit-keys, which is especially important for correspondence transferring. In this case, nobody will be able to intercept or read your confidential messages, so that none of your personal data can be exposed online. Besides, a trustworthy VPN company doesn’t store any logging or metadata on its customers, which is good for your anonymity. So, having subscribed for a good VPN, you will be able to run Snapchat even from China.