How to use Facebook in China with a VPN

Last updated: May 14, 2018

How to use Facebook in China without a VPNHaving decided or being obliged to go to China on business or any other affairs, you might have already ‘googled’ and learnt that China is one of some countries where the internet is thoroughly monitored. Practically, it is the only place where such measures as the Golden Shield Project and the Great Firewall, which are oriented towards the citizens’ monitoring, have been accepted by the government. As a result of such methods, websites like Facebook are blocked there. Therefore, if you need the social net there, you will have to apply some outstanding technologies, such as a VPN for China.

The strength and effectiveness of the implied restrictive measures can’t allow average users supply their networks with such facilities as proxy servers or Tor. That’s exactly why you need the best VPN service. Moreover, if compare the service with other tools used for anonymizing, VPN has much more positive features to offer. A good service makes your true address hindered from all the prying eyes, which makes it possible to shift your geo-location to any point on the map. So, having come from the US, you can connect to the internet through a US server and run your home network, as if you were physically there. Besides, a highly efficient service makes all your traffic encrypted and locked from outside interference, which guarantees a high level of protection for your anonymity. One more feature makes your identity even more endangered, the thing is that a reliable service stores no logging or any other metadata on its customers, which eliminates a possibility of any personal data leakage.

So, as you see, a VPN is the most reliable and proved decision for running free network outside the US.