How to use CyberGhost VPN for free?

Last updated: July 28, 2018

How to use CyberGhost VPN for freeHaving decided to protect your network for free or having no possibility to spend money on a good service, you need to look for a reliable service for your online protection. The market of the service is overloaded with numerous services, starting from proxies and finishing with VPNs. As soon as you wish not only to shift your virtual location, but also to make your internet connection free and protected you need to subscribe for a VPN.

Although a free service is not recommended to anyone due to lack of functions it presents, CyberGhost free package is supplied with all the necessary features. A free package of the service offers a lot of benefits such as complete and top rated security for online activities, fast connectivity speed and fantastic performance on different platforms. The downside of this free package is that it is available for a limited number of servers and the networking speeds can be slow during busy times. The major disadvantage is that the free package completely prohibits torrenting.  

So, in case you need a VPN for making your network protected from fraudulence and adversaries, the package is all you need. However, your virtual locations will be still restricted in number. So, if you need a complete range of company’s service, you should pay for another package. Nevertheless, if comparing the free service with some others it should be mentioned that it’s full of useful characteristics, such as limitless bandwidth and speed and a custom support. The thing is that most of the free services have nothing to do with custom support and even if there is a professional assistance you can wait for it for undefined time. With the mentioned service you can also transfer heavy traffic, as soon as bandwidth is unlimited and you will be assisted by company’s professionals.