How to share Hide My Ass with other devices?

Last updated: July 28, 2018

How to share Hide My Ass with other devices?In the world we leave today as the phrase goes every dog has a smartphone, so, we bet you have at least three devices based on different OSes or maybe you are Apple’s fan. Nevertheless, an issue of internet protection in this case becomes more difficult, as soon as you can protect either one of the devices or all of them through one and the same account.

So, if talking about HMA VPN, it should be mentioned that you need to be critically attentive while choosing an appropriate package, as soon as only one of them offers connecting up to two devices simultaneously.  The package is called Pro plan. Therefore, if you need to install it on at least two of your devices, you need to look through the OSes supported by the company’s app. As far as it’s clear, HMA offers such platforms as MacAndroidWindows, and iOS. So, if all your devices are based on one of the enumerated OSes, the app is what you need.

Providing that you need to connect more than two devices at a time, you should pay attention to some business plans or choose some other top-rated services, which offer up to 6 devices connected simultaneously. Besides, in order to make your budget protected from undesired losses, you need to make sure your money will be returned in case you are dissatisfied with the app’s operation. For this purpose you need to read all the terms of usage ad privacy policy items. Moreover, there are services that offer a free trial version, which is to give you a possibility to test the service before subscribing for it. So, in any case, the service is not the most suitable for multiple devices connecting to one and the same account, as soon as there are services that offer more optimal decisions for this.