How to Protect Yourself Online?

Last updated: February 02, 2016

online safetyThese days, we are all concerned about online safety. You are scared of using internet since it can threaten your online safety. Also, your sensitive data might get stolen anytime and you don’t want this to happen at all. It can be really vulnerable situations. These days, a good hacker can easily grab all the information he wants, including your IP, name, address, phone number, email id, social media passwords, friends list, your credit card information etc. Credit card information can be really sensitive and you don’t want anyone to gain access to that. Without knowing the dangers, most people use very weak passwords and that will give away everything.

Using weak passwords is the biggest blunder you can do to yourself. For example, many people use their phone number, full name, vehicle number, bank account number, social security number etc. as their passwords. How stupid they can be! Well, inexperienced and naïve internet users are falling into that trap easily.


The risky online behavior you need to avoid

There are so many risky online behaviors that you need to avoid. Let’s take a look at some of them below. When you avoid them, you will be protecting yourself.


  • Posting photos

Posting photos might sound like an innocent behavior. But it is not as innocent as you think. You may have heard how photos of children got stolen and appeared on child porn sites. Anybody can see the pictures and save it in their computer. Does that mean that you should stay away from posting the pictures of your kid? No, but you can be very careful with the selection of the photos. Also, avoid posting vacation photos until you reach home. It is difficult to control the urge, but you can definitely do it for the safety of your kid.


  • Choose photos carefully

Yes, sometimes photos can be troublesome for you later one. Assume you are smoking while at a picnic and you have posted the photo of the same. Who knows, when you apply for health insurance later on, they might use this picture to argue that you are a chain smoker. You definitely don’t want to be in that position. So, be sensible when it comes to posting pictures online.


  • Kids accessing the internet

When you let your kid access the internet, he might visit many websites without knowing the dangers. Who knows, he might let a virus in unknowingly. This virus can later pose a big threat while you make purchases online. All sensitive online transactions might be in danger as a result. You definitely don’t want this to happen. So, make sure that your kids use the internet with your guidance.


  • Falling prey to the tricks of hackers

We all have received that email claiming that we have won thousands of dollars online. Even though most people are aware of the fact that it is meant to be a fraud or spam email, there are many who still fall prey to this fraud online. If you engage them by replying to the email, you might be inviting trouble.