How to protect your Mac against Mughthesec

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Although Mac is still considered to be a safe operating system, there are numerous reports about Mac-targeted malware. Even a skilled user can overlook it and continue to work taking no notice of any changes.

What is Mughthesec?

It should be mentioned that the malware is problematic to identify. Security researcher Patrick Wardle failed to perform this with the help of a Mac AV solution, and the malicious adware was lifted from a contaminated Macbook. Then he tried to testify it on VirusTotal, but it was not detected as well.

What is it like?

When Mughthesec gets into Mac OS, it looks like a usual Adobe Flash installer. In case of its identification by virus remover as a harmful program it works as a legitimate copy of Flash. Otherwise, it connects with C&S server which makes it possible to set up the malicious software. It not only makes your life full of ads (you can’t avoid them), but also your data becomes vulnerable to be snooped and compromised. Besides, your internet surfing becomes an uphill struggle for you because of changes in search engine, embarrassing homepage, annoying pop-up ads.

In case you have fallen victim to Mughthesec and wonder how to dispose of it, follow this step-by step instruction:

-open Library;

- find LaunchAgents;

- find and delete file com.Mughthesec.plist.

It is worth noticing that the same can be done with other unwanted apps or irritating software.

To stay adware-free and secure your privacy one should pay attention to the programs and apps he or she downloads on any devices, including those with Mac OS, spend at least a minute reading “permissions” given while installing apps. Moreover, it is always easier to be careful and take precautions for being protected on the network, then to deal with the undesired outcomes. It is vital to apply a VPN service which will ensure private and secure internet surfing.

Having a VPN on your Mac, you will get your sensitive data information codified with the strongest data transfer protocols. But encryption is not the only advantage of VPNs. You stay private on the net as your online activity can’t be monitored by ISPs and internet hackers. 

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