How to open banned sites in Saudi Arabia

Last updated: March 29, 2017

How to open banned sites in Saudi ArabiaIt has become known that in 2016 Saudi Arabia continued banning and restricting the internet. For instance such popular end-to-end encrypted app like Telegram was throttled by the government authorities in 2016 to prevent people from sharing data through it. Being a citizen of a democratic country you might be shocked by the information that mobile phone operators who sell new SIM cards to customers are obliged to fingerprint their subscribers.

Actually, all this information seems to be pretty weird, as soon as a citizen of the US can’t even imagine such a condition of total control.  Having decided to go to the country, received an invitation to visit it or living there, you need a reliable defense for not to get into a trap of total monitoring and censoring. One of the most effective up-to-date solutions is a top-rated VPN service. Due to the functionality of the tool, you will be totally protected from unauthorized interference into your online activities. Having established a connection through a VPN, you get a totally protected connection, as soon as your true address as well as your geo-location is hidden and can be changed at very moment. In this regard you are free to ‘visit’ as many countries as possible without leaving home.  Besides, all your traffic is thoroughly encrypted with the help of top-notch protocols, which are to make all your sensitive data unreadable. Moreover, a good service that stores no logging data provides its customers with a high level of anonymity.

So, if you have to go there on business or you live in the country, an additional defense will be a right decision for you in the case. Having become a VPN subscriber, you will forget about multiple online threats and government monitoring.