How not to fall a victim to cybercriminals?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

How not to fall a victim to cybercriminalsThe global digital network attracts small businesses by infinite possibilities to establish profitable contacts, reach new markets and financially reliable customers. Such technologies, as online selling, digital data storage and exchange, allow saving time and money for well-defined business dealing.

But as practice shows, a number of hacked victims among small businesses is being grown in exponential rate all over the globe. Attackers crack down on available protective techniques, improving their skills and becoming more powerful. Such tendency menaces to the small business development, while taking additional resources for personal security maintenance.

Is the fear of cyberattacks is the fear of nothing?

According to the latest data, about 78% of all the web-based resources contain critical vulnerabilities. Among the most common cyberattacks committed against small businesses are:

  • 49% - phishing emails that are directed to spoofed websites in order to worm personal info (e.g. logging, banking or other account data);
  • 37% - spear phishing, which seems to be received from the trusted person/organization;
  • 29% - malware attacks that are committed against devices connected to a corporate network and their further infection with viruses, spyware etc.;
  • 21% - card-not-present fraud, which is oriented to transactions that are performed online. CNP has been created for legitimating a fraudulent transaction.

6 ways to protect your corporate network

If you aspire to become a small business or even run your own enterprise, you will be required to take ground safety regulations to protect your corporate network against a third-party penetration. They are comprised of:

  1. Securing computer software.
  2. Timely updating of the IT systems.
  3. Supporting of strict password policy.
  4. Managing the regular system backup.
  5. Following a cyber insurance policy.
  6. Choosing a reliable VPN service and subscribing for it.

Having implemented all the cyber defensive measures, you save your industry from hacking and corporate info leakage. You may feel the protective measures cost money and take time, but all the steps are able to assure your business safety. In such a manner, you not only secure sensitive data, but also protect the future business operations from malicious network influence.