How North Korea Would Be A Different Country If Everyone There Was Protected With VPN?

December 02, 2016

How North Korea Would Be A Different Country If Everyone There Was Protected With VPN?North Korea is a wonderful country, which doesn’t stop to amaze us with its absurdity. One may think socialist principals taken as a basis of social structure is not the worst idea. For example, kibbutz that presents a collective community in Israel where people share everything with each other on a voluntary basis. In case if a new generation wants to stay in the US after receiving the higher education, it isn’t prohibited by the community of the kibbutz, as this is a part of their socialist lifestyle. North Korea is a socialist system brought to absurd.

The country citizens face numerous unimaginable problems, which can’t be understood by a citizen of a democratic country.

Here are just some of the examples from different spheres of an average citizen’s life:

Education: Children of the country have to study in unheated schools at a temperature below zero. The history lessons of elementary school students resemble a celebration of Kim Yong-nam and humiliation of the US and Japanese citizens (citizens! Not individuals from the history of the government). Besides, the poverty of the country is so terrible that children are obliged to sleep at schools where they study, while their parents live at their workplaces.

Work: As it has been already mentioned, all the adult population of the country live at their workplace when unemployment is punishable by law. So, adults that have families and children are able to see their family members for a few hours a week. The country doesn’t possess any useful for energy manufacture minerals or oil deposits. Therefore, the upper floors of the cities buildings are not supplied with electricity or heat. Sometimes, when returning from parades or working places to their homes the citizens have to push the trolleys up to the houses for not to spend the extra energy or go on foot.

Tourists: the country’s government admits rare tourists into the country. On arrival to the country mobile phones are confiscated at the airport and a piece of paper with a special number is given to a tourist instead. When going out of the country, you will be able to take the device back by returning the so-called ‘coupon’. Having arrived there, you are delivered to the hotel for tourists where two people from special services will look after you. Provided that you decide to leave the hotel without their knowing, you will be sniffed out and returned there in 15 minutes. While the country leaves in poverty, the citizens trade illegally and sell stitched chips (‘Lays’ of 2007 in 2016) and other goods under the ‘bridges’.

How North Korea Would Be A Different Country If Everyone There Was Protected With VPN?All these and many other unrevealed for tourists things are made for the benefit of the leader and citizens. If George Orwell had visited this country before he wrote his famous dystopia ‘1984’, he would have some more food for thought, as this ‘dystopia’ has more negative effect on the citizens of the country today. From the point of view of any citizen of any democratic country, the political and social structure of the government seems to be unimaginable and disheartening.

As you might have guessed the internet connection is out of the question there. Of course, North Korea doesn’t provide the internet for the citizens. But North Korea would be a different country if everyone there was supplied with the internet protected by a VPN. The best VPN service makes impossible. Provided that North Korea gives their citizens a ‘free’ access to the internet, the network would be thoroughly censored by the government of the country. Probably, the network would resemble the Chinese one or be even worse. It seems like all the websites would be restricted there except those cherishing the leader of the country and the political regime. Of course, the government officials can’t permit their citizens to see the outer world, as it may result in a revolution in the country and overthrow of the leader. But if there is a day when the internet is accessible for the people living there, they will definitely need a reliable VPN service.

The best VPN service makes everything necessary to supply its clients with a high-quality service including freedom of the internet, speech and anonymity. Having subscribed for a qualitative VPN you achieve several essential possibilities even in such censored countries as China, Iran, UAE and etc.:

  • The best VPN is able to hide your authentic address. The thing is that when establishing an internet connection through one of VPN servers your true address is substituted for the address of the server through which you are connected. Moreover, the variety of server locations offered by a VPN gives you an opportunity to choose any virtual location you wish while staying physically in one and the same geographical location. This makes it possible to experience free internet released from restrictions, censorship and surveillance.
  • How North Korea Would Be A Different Country If Everyone There Was Protected With VPN?The best VPN is supplied with up-to-date protocols that work over your traffic encryption. A good VPN creates a secure tunneling with the help of the protocols. While sending or receiving something on the internet, all the traffic is routed through the secure channel and gets ciphered and unreadable and inaccessible for all the prying eyes and adversaries. This function makes your network secured, as no of your confidential data will be leaked or exposed.
  • The most reliable VPN provider assures its clients to store or keep NO logging or metadata, which makes your data protected not only from ISPs and government agencies, but also from the VPN provider. The feature is highly important as otherwise any of your confidential data can be passed to interested parties provided that it is necessary.

Such as there were its too early to talk about internet protection in such country as North Korea. Unfortunately, citizens of the country don’t know what a mobile phone or PC look like. The socialist republic faces difficult times and the government has made it possible to make the citizens of the country live zombies that carry out freely any entrusted to them matter whatever it takes. And finally, so that the words haven’t been unfounded, each morning of the year the citizens of the country go outside to do exercise under the patriotic slogans that cherish the leader and support the brainwashing of their minds.

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