How to hide your IP while torrenting

Last updated: May 14, 2018

How to hide your IP while torrentingWith the introduction of BitTorrent protocol transferring huge data via the internet has become much easier. Unfortunately, torrenting has been involved into piracy, which has evoked copyright legislation strengthening. Moreover, in most democratic countries, torrenting is forbidden by law. Therefore, torrenting users are deprived of a possibility to enter the needed websites or search engines.

Why can’t you enter a torrenting website? The thing is that your government has obliged your country’s ISPs to filter torrenting websites and all the users attempting to enter them basing on their IPs. In this regard, provided that you live in the US, you know that torrenting is forbidden in your country. Therefore, while trying to access one of the websites, you will be denied through your IP. The address is assigned for your device, as soon as an agreement between you and an ISP is signed. Therefore, it’s extremely easy for them to prevent you from entering inappropriate websites.

So, how can you hide your IP while torrenting? If you have looked for the answer on the internet, you might have noticed such methods as proxies, anonymizers, Tor, incognito modes and etc. However, not of them meet all your demands for torrenting from a country where it’s forbidden. In this case you should apply a VPN for your network. If you still continue asking yourself ‘how to hide my IP’, you should look at privileges a VPN can give you:

  • A high-rated service is to hide your true address. Instead of an original address a VPN’s one is substituted to your network.
  • A professional service is to encrypt all your traffic, which makes your network protected from data leaks.
  • A reliable service is to make your network anonymous and unidentified on the network.

So, having subscribed for a high-quality VPN service, you achieve access to any geo-restricted or blocked websites like torrenting. Having chosen one of the VPN servers located in Switzerland, Spain, Russia and some others, you get access to torrenting engines and can share or download any data you wish absolutely free from fear of being fined.