How to hide your IP with a VPN

Last updated: February 27, 2017

Under the conditions of global internet surveillance many customers are concerned about the idea how to ‘hide my IP’. The desire is logical and vivid, as soon as all your online activities can be traced back through your authentic address. Having signed up the agreement with an ISP you are assigned with a personal numeric code, which stands for your connected devices. All the filtering systems as well as targeted ads are based on IP addresses identification. Taking into account all these facts users definitely need to overview their online protection methods.

Inasmuch as a common government or corporate surveillance over its customers is carried out through the numeric codes, you need to hide your address. The internet is overloaded with different offers starting from incognito mode of your browser and finishing with proxies, Tor and other anonymizers. However, all these tools are either inefficient or lack of necessary features. But keep your head up, there is one forceful measure for hiding your address called a VPN. Having subscribed for a good service, you achieve a variety of advantages:

  • A good VPN service shifts your real address and geo-location and substitutes its VPN server’s address. This gives you not only a possibility to hide your address, but also to change your virtual location and get access to many geo-blocked websites.
  • A strong VPN encrypts all your traffic making it inaccessible for adversaries and unauthorized access. In this regard all your confidential data will be defended from leaks and exposure.
  • A reliable service guarantees storing no logging or any other data except the data for registration, which makes it highly anonymous. But don’t forget to read all the terms of usage and privacy policy.

As you see, a VPN is a unique tool that helps not only to de-risk your IP, but also to make your network experience free from blocking and unauthorized interference. Having applied the service for your system, you will achieve the internet without surveillance.