How to establish a one-click VPN connection to the internet?

Last updated: December 06, 2016

How to establish a one-click VPN connection to the internetIn the current environment of total monitoring and censorship it becomes clear that VPN usage is almost the only reliable way for your network protection. Provided that your PC is based on Windows 10, you might have already learnt that establishing a VPN connection on the platform is pretty time-consuming.

For you to connect to the internet through a VPN you need to:

  • click on Wi-Fi icon.
  • select and open your VPN settings through the app.
  • choose one of the locations and click on connection.

The process will take you about 20 seconds, which is not so much but still comparatively slowly.

Fortunately, keen developers always find better solutions. So, today computer professionals have created an application called VPNMyWay, which lets its users connect and disconnect to the internet in one click. The app will reconnect you in case there has been a break. Although all the settings for your VPN should be made manually, it still makes the solution of the problem easier.