How to choose a secure messenger?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Secure messengersNowadays there’s a new tendency when every user is worried about the security of the chosen messenger. Messengers describe themselves as the most secure to attract as many users as possible. Actually what is the most trustworthy messenger? What are the main features which influence the choice? Let’s define it relying on review made by security consultant of bestvpnrating Nikolos Faslow.

The most relevant criterion is a type of encryption. That’s why the main requirement is end-to-end encryption (E2EE) which should be enabled by default. It implies that encryption keys are stored only on user’s device without transferring to the server.

The second important feature is a reliable encryption protocol. If these conditions are observed, nobody can access to sent messages.

E2EE is enabled by default for WhatsApp, Viber, Apple iMessage. Telegram, beta-version Facebook Messenger and Google Allo also have the encryption but only in special mode of operation. The other popular messengers do not encrypt the messages.

One more feature you should pay attention is a reliability of encryption protocol. The only proven protocol of E2EE is Signal. It is used by WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Google Allo. In Viber it is implemented partially, only cryptographic protocol Double Ratchet. Viber’s proprietary technology is not available for audience, that’s why security can’t be appreciated worthily.

Signal is considered to be the most secure messenger designed by Open Whisper Systems. It uses open source protocol proven by experts. It is appreciated rightly.

In conclusion, the most secure messenger is WhatsApp. Apple iMessage and Viber have been playing second fiddle. Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Google Allo are on the third place. Skype is insecure at all. The leader is Signal, but its audience can’t be compared with the users of another messengers.

Top 5

Security messanger - WhatsApp

The most popular messenger all over the world helps you to stay in touch with your friends wherever you are. Thanks to end-to-end encryption you can share the most valuable files you want staying secure all the time. The option is available for the latest version of the application. Moreover, you can use at any modern platform which exist nowadays: iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. Choosing WhatsApp you determine the quality of your communication!

- Signal

It is an encrypted instant messaging and voice calling application available for Android and iOS. Using the application you can share messages, group messages, attachments and media messages with your friends. End-to-end encryption is used for creating the strongest security and ensuring safety for their users.

- Telegram

This is one of the most popular messengers providing connection from most remote locations, synchronization the chats across all the devices, encryption personal and business secrets, storage the media in the cloud. Moreover, your messages are kept safe from hacker attacks. Actually, you should try it to make sure it is true!

- Viber

The messenger is in great request. Use it for free text, calling, photo messages. It doesn’t require registration, alias or invitations. Moreover, it instantly integrates with your own contact list. Besides, you can make calls of best-quality using 3G or Wi-Fi. Install the application and feel free!

- Facebook Messenger

If you like to have face-to-face conversations, the application suits you! It is the fastest and easiest way to make video calls all over the world. In addition, it is possible to record voice messages, snap photos, chat with your favourite groups, and choose from thousands of stickers staying secure all the time. The application guarantees not only privacy and security, but also a great quality of communication.

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