How to choose a reliable messaging app?

Last updated: January 19, 2017

How to choose a reliable messaging app?There is no need to conduct any researches or social opinion poll to understand that live communication has been replaced by online chatting. Nowadays, people spend hours texting online instead of amicable or business meeting. Only WhatsApp users numbering over 1 billion accounts worldwide send more than 40 billion messages daily. Whether you send personal messages or discuss business matter, you need to keep your conversations private. The following tips will help you to reach this goal.

1. Select secure messaging service

There is one fundamental rule: always choose an app providing end-to-end encryption. By the aid of e2ee which encodes exchanging info along the way, messages are visible to recipients only meanwhile being impenetrable for hackers, ads agencies and government.

One of the shining examples is WhatsApp which has offered e2e encryption since 2016. Accepting automatic coding mechanism, your messages are secured with secret keys and only conversation partner can unlock them and read. Another protective feature calling “Secret Conversations” has been offered to Facebook users allowing to encrypt sending messages that will be available to recipients only.

But designing protective features does not mean that every app is totally secure. What is more, there are many other services deserving attention.

2. Define your choice

According to many independent security researches, the most safety chatting apps are Telegram, Signal and Silent Phone.

  • Telegram has been designed by Russian specialist Pavel Durov and fitted with “Secret Chats”. With this special feature, nothing is collected on Telegram’s servers. In addition, messages can be automatically deleted from all utilized devices.
  • Signal has been developed in San Francisco by the Open Whisper Systems’ team. Unlike many other chatting apps, it does not store any metadata guaranteeing high level of security and anonymity.
  • The firm Silent Circle creating Silent Phone is located in Switzerland. This app allows to make e2e encrypted phone calls from mobile devices, such as iPhone and Android. On top of it, Silent Phone has been recognized as the most secure app utilized by the USA government networks.

How to choose a reliable messaging app?3. Think about extra measures

Even if you use a reliable app, you can secure yourself against all risks to be hacked and subscribe for a VPN service. Using the best VPN for online chatting, you private correspondence will be encrypted with the strongest protocols and transferred through secret tunnel unavailable for prying eyes. What is more, decent VPN services do not keep any logging or metadata that makes them more anonymous. One way or another, your communication will be protected from penetration while your sensitive info stay undamaged.