How to choose and configure a VPN for iPhone

Last updated: February 24, 2017

How to choose and configure a VPN for iPhoneHaving decided to acquire the best VPN for iOS system, you should learn as much about the service as possible before paying for it. So, there are several basic features you should include into your lists of good VPN qualities, which is to make your choice easier and more time-consuming.

#1 the first thing you should keep in mind is compatibility. A service should be compatible with your system. Otherwise, you will spend your free time in vain.

#2 the next point is to look through the encryption methods it runs. As you may have already read, PPTP and SSTP are known to be unsuitable for a good service performance, as soon as the first one is out-of-dated and the second one is more applicable for Windows system. So, you should pay attention to such protocols as L2TP and OpenVPN.

#3 the following step is to decide what server locations you need. If you are regularly on business trips out of the US, for instance, you will probably like a VPN with numerous servers in the US, which is to make it possible to connect to your ‘home’ network when being outside of the country.

#4 after that you need to make sure the service is reliable. This means that a VPN company shouldn’t keep logging or metadata. Otherwise, the service is unreliable as any of your confidential information can be passed to an interested third party.

#5 also, it is useful to consult about the add-ons a company offers. Such additional tools as kill switches and warrant canary can make your service maintenance even better.

After you have chosen an appropriate service, you should make a subscription for it and download an app for iOS. Having fulfilled all the steps, you are welcome to get acquainted with the application possibilities and customer support assistance, in case there are any difficulties.