How to cancel NordVPN

Last updated: May 14, 2018

How to cancel NordVPNHaving decided to run Nord VPN, you have definitely made a right choice, as soon as the service is supplied with all the needed features a strong VPN should have. However, there are cases when neither a company, nor a customer can agree upon service functionality. It largely happens due to internet speed rates a customer uses. Providing that the internet you are connected to is too slow, you won’t manage to run such military grade protocols as L2TP or OpenVPN without visible speed losses. However, before making a final decision you need to make everything possible to eliminate the difficulty, as soon as the service is stronger than its numerous competitors.

So, while subscribing for the service you have read all the terms of usage and know that any newbie of the product usage has a right for getting his/her money back. However, while subscribing for the service for the second time, you are deprived of such a possibility. In case you are a newbie, you have to get in touch with the support team or write a letter and send it outright the official email. After some time of your letter reconsideration, you will be informed about your repayment.

Nevertheless, we highly recommend you to overview your system and network operation before hitching your wagon to the company. There are cases when customers have too low average internet speed, which makes it impossible to run a highly-protective protocol. In this case, you need PPTP. Sometimes people need their device maintenance overview, as soon as the version of OS it is based on is too out-of-dated or lack of technical support. So, don’t’ rush with conclusion. Make sure everything is fine with your devices and network and ISP and then appeal for assistance from the customer support.