How to boost Wi-Fi signal?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

How to boost Wi-Fi signal?Practically every netizen aims at configuring wireless internet connection which simplifies net surfing providing various benefits, such as simultaneous net connection from multiple devices or ease of use. But at the same time Wi-Fi signal is highly sensitive to electromagnetic radiation sent by technical instruments that can cause transmission speed reducing and impossibility of extensive data exchanging. In order to evade problems associated with wireless signal connection, ask the following questions and fix all possible mistakes configuring your router correctly.

1. Does your router’s firmware need updating?

Check your router’s configurations and update its software if needed.

2. Where do you locate the hotspot?

Not all spaces are suitable for router’s position and uninterrupted operation. A wireless router requires open space, away from walls and electric appliances. In case if your router is provided with external antennas, fix it vertically as high as possible mounting it on a wall or putting on a table.

3. What is the signal’s frequency?

Make sure you have configured your frequency for optimal point by looking at the net’s administrator interface. The normal speed is guaranteed under 5GHz.

4. Does your channel need switching?

All router devices are multichannel providing you the possibility to use the channel by default or be able to pick the less loaded and switch to it manually.

5. Does your router comply with high-quality standards?

In order to avoid time-consuming downloading or gaming processes, be sure that your router comes with QoS tools which reduce the amount of bandwidth used by apps.

6. Do you reject obsolete hardware?

There is one efficient rule boosting Wi-Fi signal: do not hope for awesome performance while using old hardware. That’s why overview the first point and update your router.

7. Does additional antenna need mounting?

The signal can be enhanced by supplying an additional antenna outside or in the device.

8. Do you need a wireless range extender?

The problem with wireless connection may consist in the room size transcending all distance capabilities of your router. In such a manner, buy a Wi-Fi expander designed to boost wireless signals.

How to boost Wi-Fi signal?9. Will access points help you?

This way is expensive but APs help your router to create a mesh network where a strong and stable wireless net is managed.

10. Do your router’s guts need configuring?

The last but not the least step is to get into the router OS and compare the results with recommendations.

Having configured your router and optimized wireless net, check your speed and do not forget about personal security. It’s an open fact that routers are vulnerable to hackers attacks and need to be protected with some security utilities. Subscribing for the best VPN service for routers, you will resolve the vulnerability problem and browse the wireless net anonymously and secure.