How to be protected chatting in WhatsApp?

Last updated: January 17, 2017

How to be protected chatting in WhatsApp?Nowadays, WhatsApp has a reputation of free maintainable program as well as the most vulnerable messaging service. Being designed by Facebook, it provides weak resistance to a third party’s interception and disclosure of private correspondence. Nevertheless, it’s installed in over 1 billion mobile platforms worldwide generating royal profit to its designers. The question about personal security gets all internet community forcing Facebook to implement new protective tools, such as end-to-end encryption (E2EE).

Why has E2E encryption been chosen?

E2EE supposes that messages exchanging between recipients can be scanned only by involved parties preventing a middleman penetration. WhatsApp has been modified with the Signal encryption protocols that have operated with distinct security keys examined by users. In such a way, E2E encryption ensures communications integrity and security while transporting.

What interferes to E2EE operation process?

The most common problem is the usage of backdoor mechanisms. This is the way to read encrypted messages without anticipating the primary parties.

What has WhatsApp designed?

A backdoor has been implemented into the Signal protocol providing the ability to re-encrypt sending info with newly generated key and forward it further marking as unread. In other words, a third party having secret keys is able to intercept coded communication without recipients’ notification.

How to protect your communications over WhatsApp?

Seeing the fact that leaked private info can be used for ads purposes or even in governmental needs, it would be better to stop using WhatsApp. Replace it with alternative messaging services or even subscribe for a reliable VPN service which makes network protected from any external interference. A decent VPN codes all transferred traffic making your messages unreadable for a prying eye. One way or another, your internet activity including private communications will be protected with VPN.