How To Avoid Being Fined

Last updated: June 21, 2016

messengers, vpn services, securitySince you’re a sophisticated web user, you should know everything about Internet resources, especially the fact that nowadays effective work on the Internet is impossible without DNS servers, the function of which is to transfer the domain symbolic name into IP addresses and vice versa for better interacting of a user and a computer. Due to it the computers may be determined on the Internet.

There’s a variation of DNS server called Smart DNS. It’s an innovative method to access the regionaly blocked websites like Hulu, Netflix, BBC right from your location with your provider’s original speed, without any major changes in your device settings. What should you know it for?

The latest news has come from Russia. The elected officials were proposed to adopt a change in a law regarding anti-terrorist security. According to it the messengers like WhatsApp & Telegram will be fined if they don’t release the message decoding information for Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB). It hasn’t made no bones about the messengers, but it implies.

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