Hackers Play Hide-and-Seek in Encrypted Traffic

Last updated: November 28, 2017

Hackers Play Hide-and-Seek in Encrypted Traffic Infosecurity Magazine has announced that up to fifty percent of all hacker attacks have been securely concealed in encrypted traffic of unsuspecting users. According to the Magazine's reporter Tera Seals, eighty percent of the research respondents have marked that their companies may have experienced adversary attacks.

The truth is that hackers hide their malware under encryption with evil intend while careless customers think they are under protection. Defensive services, which are so popular with huge companies and private users nowadays, are supposed to give a possibility to hide hackers’ malware.

In particular, SSL encryption protocol is worth noticing. The root of the problem is that many companies when using this protocol don’t check their encrypted traffic, which provides adversaries with opportunity of infecting the systems. As the article tells, more than fifty percent of the companies have declared that they are not ready to disclose their encrypted traffic for malware preventing inspection. Such as there were, the precipice is considered to be growing as the amount of encrypted traffic is steadily increasing and most users don’t seem to be ready to deal with the subject.

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