Hackers get to Indian National Congress’ Twitter account

Last updated: January 04, 2017

A well-known social network Twitter has been losing its status due to multiple hackers attacks and accounts’ breaks. The tendency has grown at an exponential rate and concerned not only average users, but also its own CEO Jack Dorsey whose official account was hacked just at the beginning of this month. This poses a question: do you feel safe in Twitter? Can you be sure that your private info is completely protected?

After Dorsey’s account was compromised, hackers tried a shot breaking official Twitter pages of the Indian National Congress and its Vice-President Rahul Gandhi that had crowned with success.  Having gained control over accounts over a period of 24 hours, a group of strangers posted several rude tweets abusing a personality of Rahul Gandhi and Indian Government as a whole that raised public furious reaction against the Head of Congress.

By the aid of specialists’ field work, the official Congress account was restored after an hour, Raul Gandhi’s Twitter account was retrieved back within 2 hours. All the abusing and improper posts were deleted beyond retrieve.

It stands to reason that Indian Government took time to restore its reputation and clear its name to enjoy the trust of the Indian people. There are no doubts they deal successfully with this task and turn social life in habitual direction.

In order to prevent hackers attacks and protect your sensitive data against leakage, we highly recommend you to consider following recommendations:

  • Create a strong password and keep it in secret.
  • Avoid malicious link.
  • Do not link Twitter account with other social media pages.
  • Report any abuse in case of suspicious activities.
  • Use a VPN which gives you security, privacy and anonymity surfing the net. The service has been developed as a technology for protecting any Internet surfer from being traced or intercepted while transferring any traffic via the network. What is more, VPN changes your real IP address and teleport you to any region you want gaining access to geo-restricted content.

Be free and safe posting your twits and sharing ideas with other world!