Government vs. VPN Services

Last updated: August 28, 2016

Government vs. VPN Services Every day from news report we get to hear about cruelty perpetrated by people against each other. We face such an unimaginable problem as emergence of International Islamic Terrorist Organization carrying out its terrorist attacks all over the world. Stepped-up assassinations against innocent population in Europe lead the government to regard this issue and put in place the necessary measures.

The Interior Ministers for France and Germany have made a statement in connection with anti-terrorism effort. On Tuesday they have made a declaration questioning the need of encryption methods used by VPNs companies. European Commission is to draft a law impelling VPN services provide the government with all encrypted information. The politicians seek VPN services usage only in the sphere of economy. According to them, the law will help for identifying of potential terrorist attacks and averting the threat of indiscriminate killings.

VPN companies have not subscribed to that statement. Thus, a few months earlier a controversy arose between Apple and FBI. The Federal agency intended to make such companies as Apple and Google to comply with solution of giving them the access to encrypted data. But Silicon Valley contended against the opponent and stated that the decision would give the government a possibility to penetrate into citizens’ private life. Such as there were, many customers turn to that this demand will deprive them of private space. Civil society is certain that terrorists will find the way out of this situation and continue attacking while civilians will suffer from the lack of confidentiality and safeness on the Internet.