Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN are coming in our world

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Google Wi-Fi Assistant and Google VPN are coming in our world Google corporation keeps up with the times and is constantly working at development and modification of new programs and utilities. One of the most important and discussed tools are Google Wi-Fi Assistant with Google VPN which at the moment are being designed for Nexus smartphones and will be available for users for free, but only in a few regions (the USA, Canada, Mexico, the UK and some Nordic countries). The main idea is to create an automatic internet connection to safe and reliable Wi-Fi hotspot.

What is Wi-Fi Assistant and how it works?

This tool helps you to reduce the data usage and stay online even with poor cell phone signal. The responsible mechanism proposes you to connect automatically to unclosed and trustworthy Wi-Fi networks.

Installing Wi-Fi Assistant, it implements its features in the phone network settings and automatically scans net environment and connects to available wireless hotspots. Most of all, this mechanism secures your connection with Google VPN transferring all traffic through it and monitors connection speed. This way it can drop the slow and unstable session and searches for another one.

How Google VPN works and why it’s worse than usual VPN service?

The main aim of Google VPN is to protect customers’ data from unauthorized tracking and traffic interception while connecting to unprotected Wi-Fi hotspots. It uses encryption methods coding all transferred info and making it inaccessible for a third party, but not for Google corporation.

Whereas, a regular VPN service hides your online activity from your net and mobile providers and does not spy on you unlike Google which is interested in targeting commercial purposes.

More than that, VPNs give multiple benefits for their customers, such as bypassing strong firewalls and accessing to geo-restricted content.

Drawing attention to all this features, you can understand, that besides Google Wi-Fi Assistance you need to subscribe for a regular VPN service too. But be very attentive choosing a VPN providers because you can fall into a trap and spend your money to an unreliable and insecure service. Be free and protected surfing the net with a good VPN service!