German Klimenko has stated the affair of LinkedIn case unsolved

Last updated: November 22, 2016

German Klimenko has stated the affair of LinkedIn case unsolvedSucceeding the fact of one of the most popular business social networks LinkedIn blocking, thousands of Russian users become excited about their paid subscriptions and accounts data. After LinkedIn submitted an application for further hearing of a case and assured the paid accounts’ owners to give the money back, ROSCOMNADZOR has fallen into line with the law reconsideration necessity. As it has been stated earlier Russian Internet providers were asked to block the access to LinkedIn on November 17. Conforming to German Klimenko, the Internet advisor to the president, as soon as LinkedIn progresses the requirements, the social net will be unblocked in Russia. It has been also stated that confuse has been evoked by the concept of ‘personal data’. Therefore, the existing version of the law will be either changed or specified with the details of the issue, as up to now it stays unclear whether first/last names and photos are considered by Russian part as personal data or not.

Nevertheless, when it’s still obscure if the accepted law is to be revised by the government or not, you’d better subscribe for a first-rated VPN for LinkedIn, which is to unblock access to your account and encrypt all your traffic, thus protecting you from running risks.