Free VPNs for torrenting

Last updated: November 05, 2017

Free VPNs for torrentingWith the introduction of torrenting transferring heavy traffic over the internet has become easier. Unfortunately, with the launch of pirate bay and other services that spread pirated content torrenting has become illegal in many copyright concerned countries. Today it is stated to be legal in a few countries, such as Switzerland, Spain, Russia, etc. Nevertheless, keen followers of the engine have decided to overcome difficulties coming from legal interdiction with the help of a VPN service.

Hence, an idea to run a free service for torrenting usage is losing. When speaking about free outputs there is always a matter of cost. It’s a mistake to base your choice on price only, which should prevent you from the ill-advised decision, as you can pay more in terms of your privacy and online safeness. The thing is that the best VPN for torrents offers a wider range of services with better performance and more reliability. As soon as there is nothing truly free on the market of services, you should remember that using free services you can suffer from data leaks or identity exposure. Because any VPN service is a business and any business needs profit. If talking about monetizing of free VPN business, there are at least three variants, which are not so good for your online protection:

  • Pop-ups/Redirections/General Advertisements showing up when you use the service;
  • Pre-sell for a Paid VPN service; similar to how you get free apps but have to pay for a paid content if you want to use it without limitations;
  • Storing your data, and then selling it.

If you need a highly effective service that is to make your network protected from threats and fast in operation, you need to look for a top-rated VPN, as no free service to give you a 99,9% guarantee of online safeness.