A free trial for a VPN in Singapore

Nikolos Faslow
Nikolos Faslow
Last updated: 14/05/2018

A free trial for a VPN in SingaporeBeing privacy concerned or living in such censoring country as Singapore, you might have already learnt that using a reliable VPN service is the best solution for making your network protected and free. However, not everyone knows how to come down to the point of choosing a high-quality service. We have decided to make the task easier for you and ready to make you aware of the basic characteristics a credible VPN app should be fitted with.


Server park

If you need a VPN for some targeted needs, for instance, watching Netflix outside the US, you need to pay attention to servers placed in the US. If you need a good VPN for making your online activities unrestricted in Singapore, you need to choose a service that provides IPs of other countries.


A set of top-notch protocols is another reasonable showing. As soon as the protocols deal with encryption of all your generated traffic, you need to choose between military-grade encoding or fast operation. In case you need a fast-working VPN, PPTP will be enough for you. Provided that your priority is to make all sensitive data protected, you need OpenVPN or L2TP.

A money-back guarantee, a free trial

These two options make your budget protected from multiple risks. While testing a free trial you are able to check the tool before subscribing for it. A money-back guarantee will make you protected from extra expenses. As soon as you are dissatisfied with the offered service, you have a possibility to return your money during some period of time. The feature is limited, so, don’t forget to read all the terms and conditions attentively.

Add-ons and other showings

We can say that app’s compatibility, accepted payment methods and all the additional features, such as kill switch, for instance, are to your private notice only.


So, providing that a VPN is suited with all the essential characteristics, you can subscribe for it without any fears of being cheated or misused by adversaries.

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