Forewarned is forearmed

Last updated: March 07, 2018

some recommendations which can help you to be secure surfing the InternetNowadays we can’t imagine our life without the Internet, a special place where all possible information around the world, around the clock is available for you. Moreover, we share the photos and videos with our friends and acquaintances staying online all the time. The reason is that we’re social insects which need communication. It would not be good if being involved in this sphere so much we would forget about security. That’s why sometimes we suffer from our inattention.

You’re offered some recommendations which can help you to be secure surfing the Internet.


Choose the strong password

First of all you should pay attention to the weakest point of the security. The best way for avoiding troubles is to have a strong password. What does it mean to have a strong password? Actually strong password should include symbols, numbers, lowercase and uppercase characters, ambiguous characters as well. Creating such a password according to this rule try to avoid using the same password for multiple important accounts; the names of your families, friends or pets; postcodes, house numbers, phone numbers, birthdates.

If you’re afraid of losing your passwords, you should use the secure service LastPass. It stores encrypted passwords in private accounts allowing you not to memorize them.


Don’t forget about privacy settings.

Now you should think about your settings in your accounts. Make sure that you don’t show all the informaton about yourself. It would be better if you use as little information as possible. Besides, all the photos are public, that’s why your privacy settings should be managed correctly. In some cases it’s more useful to delete the photos for protecting yourself. Remember that any extra information may count against you.


Be friends with true acquaintance

Are there many friends in your accounts? Would you like to add one more? Before doing it make sure that it’s a real man but not a kind of hacker the aim of which is to obtain your private information. So sometimes it may be even dangerous to add someone you don’t know in real life. Don’t forget about it.


Do not reveal your location

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to show their real location. For example, you’re abroad and want to share your photos with your friends. It’s a great idea! Why not? But do not put your real time location information under your photo! It’s a kind of provocation that attracts burglars whose intention is to commit a crime, especially theft entering illegally.

It doesn’t mean it is forbidden to use such option. Of course, you may. But do it when you come back and stay at home.

Social Media

Avoid Daisy Chaining Trap

Have you ever faced with such a trap? Daisy chaining is a simple way to access the main account allowing others to access as well. On the one hand, it is convenient, as you shouldn’t type passwords for any account. On the other hand, it simplifies hackers job to overcome the protection. In the near future you’ll be hacked also.


Do not use public WI-FI

Can’t you imagine your life without the Internet and use it whenever it's possible? Try to avoid WI-FI hotspots. Such you protect your information from hacker attacks. WI-FI is a ripping invitation for any hacker. People thinking about free access often forget about their security.

If surfing the Internet constantly is the necessity for your, please, use VPN services. They create the strongest connection thus helping you to protect your data.

Now armed with the advice you may be the upgraded user with the strongest protection.