Follow these 5 simple steps to secure your Christmas online shopping

Last updated: December 10, 2016

Savvy holiday season is near at hand and millions products at Christmas discounts are waiting for their happy buyers. But we are lucky enough to have been born in 21st century as we have a possibility to do shopping online from home, which is extremely convenient under the conditions of Pre-Christmas rush.

For you not to become an innocent victim of a ‘Xmas’ hacker follow our five simple steps while purchasing outputs online:

#1 Trust familiar retailers only

A better chance of ensuring the privacy of your confidential banking data from computer fraudsters can be achieved only in case when purchasing goods with the checked online shops. Make sure that the URL is written correctly, as you can be routed to a mirror website form where your personal information can be stolen.

#2 Choose the online shop that sees to its customers

For you to feel more protected when leaving your bank account data online you should become certain that the website runs https:// for clients’ protection instead of the unprotected out-of-date variant, which seems to be too vulnerable for your financial data.

#3 Look to your device system

Numerous hackers and identity thieves prefer attacking to waiting, therefore multiple OSes undergo different kinds of malware, which causes to essential data losses. That is why you need to look to your system and update all the programs software and, of course, your anti-virus program in time.

#4 Avoid public hotspots

You can get an idea for a present to your friend at any moment, but don’t yield to temptation to fulfill it ‘here and now’. Having connected to the internet through a Wi-Fi hotspot you place your bank data and unprotected device under a risk of being misused. 

#5 Feel free with a VPN

If all the previous rules seem to be too difficult for you, the only right decision is to subscribe for a reliable VPN service for shopping online, which is to shift your authentic address and to make your confidential information unreadable for any adversaries. One more benefit is that some shops that are lack of suppliers in different countries raise prices for their goods, which can be bypassed if you are purchasing online from their country by connecting through an appropriate VPN server.

Enjoy the Xmas shopping protected!