Fight for you online privacy and remove your internet profile

Last updated: December 31, 2016

Fight for you online privacy and remove your internet profileToday no one can confidently affirm that their data is absolutely private and kept close from a third party. Surfing the global net, you are exposed to danger coming from any malicious link, unfamiliar website and и strange email message. What is more, some net users do not care for their privacy and ignore protective programs or any others specially designed utilities. They think that all exchanged info will be removed and inaccessible for strangers. But they are deeply mistaken, because once they share something on the net they can’t delete it ignoring some rules.

It’s an open secret that web search engines like Google design detailed uses’ profiles adapted from their browsing history. They pursue one main goal which consists in processing received data and spreading targeted ads to victims.

If you concern about your online privacy, we advise you to delete all data collected by Google following these steps:

  1. Log in your Gmail profile and choose “My Activity”.
  2. Here you can see all info about your Google activity. You can delete all info or remove them from groups. Click on the three-dot menu and choose necessary function.

This way you can delete info stored from one particular machine. Repeat this process with other gadgets if you want to clear all history.

You can maintain your online privacy by cleaning history on social media profiles, but there is no iron-clad guarantee that you delete everything from the net.

Along with that you can use a VPN service but be extremely attentive choosing an appropriate one. All VPN providers guarantee 100% anonymity and security online and at the same time they and can easily exchange them with government or malicious people as requested or recharged.

Be free and secure surfing the global net and think twice before posting any info.