The FBI vs. Apple

Last updated: September 04, 2016

The FBI vs. Apple The FBI repines at inability of accessing to encrypted data and pushes for ‘adult conversation’ with encryption tools developers. It has stated that built-in encryption restricts the FBI possibility of getting red hot information from smart phones.

The Bureau of Investigation has directed the inquiry to obligate Apple to open the encrypted data of one of the San Bernardino, California shooters. Apple has denied the request because it believes that this action will greatly affect the image of their product, which is created to preserve one’s confidentiality. The continuation of the conversations is still being expected by the FBI. The government agency is convinced that when taking into consideration such question as a national security people should understand that this is just safety precautions but not a desire to get into someone’s private life.

The current things prevailing between the National Security Agency and IT companies are heating up. We cannot neglect the question of network security, because its confidentiality and anonymity is a question of present interest. Everyone knows that any information after being placed on the Internet can be used against you. Each Internet user should be convinced in his own security while networking. For this very reason such service as VPN has been produced. We are definitely fortunate that Apple asserts consumer rights. There are many qualitative VPNs on the market today; the Best VPNs Rating contains some detailed information about VPNs for iPhones, which can be useful for smart phones users in the US.