Express VPN for torrenting

Last updated: July 28, 2018

You don’t need to be an advanced customer for realizing that torrenting is forbidden by law in many countries. According to the policy media companies and all the copyright owners follow, torrenting is illegal by nature as soon as it presupposes data sharing or uploading. Coming from this the protocol, clients, and all the websites devoted to torrenting have been blocked.

Fortunately, there are some countries where torrenting is still permitted for personal usage. These are Switzerland, Spain, Russia and some others. In compliance with the legislation accepted in these countries, torrenting is allowed on condition you won’t upload the downloaded torrent file. Unfortunately, the torrenting websites available in these countries are blocked in all others where the activity is illegal.

Here comes a VPN. The technology has been previously developed for making your network protected from multiple online threats and fight against unauthorized interference into your private life. However, today it is used by many average customers for avoiding geo-blocking.

Having subscribed for a VPN, you get a wide variety of servers located in countries where torrenting is legal. Having established an internet connection through one of the servers, you are free to unblock any geo-restricted website, as soon as your address has been changed for a foreign one. Besides anonymising, your VPN should provide you with a top-notch encryption. Express VPN , which is rightfully considered as the most efficient one, supplies its service with up-to-date protocols. Thus, the service is to route all your traffic through a specially created secure tunneling, which is to make it unreadable and inaccessible for all the adversaries and prying eyes. Therefore, having acquired the needed service, you will get access to all the restricted services and will be protected from all the potential interference into your private life.