Digital Wars: Netflix VS VPN

Last updated: February 08, 2017

Digital Wars: Netflix VS VPNPeople have used VPNs and proxies for years already to shift their real location. Some customers do it for security reasons or as soon as they feel put aside from their favorite resources. As a vivid example there can be mentioned Skype, which has become one of the commonest communication apps both for business and personal affairs. Once you go to Brazil or China the app is inaccessible for your usage. Therefore, people subscribe for a VPN to connect to the server, which is located outside the countries to get access to the application. Skype is blocked there due to the strict policy of censorship, but when talking about such geo-restricted channels as BBC or Netflix, the key factor is opposite. In order to maximize the profit the channels imply licensing and geo-blocking, which makes people from other countries restricted from accessing the websites.

If you have ever been interested how the blocking works, you know that it is built on IP addresses banning. Only by using your IP such websites as Netflix are able to make the channel inaccessible for you. So, provided that you are connected to the internet from one of French coffee shops, your address is identified and restricted in access. But your virtual location can be sniffed with the help of a VPN service. The best VPN for Netflix can make your network free from restrictions and protected from any threats. There are three main features that make a good VPN a great service for any customer on the internet:

  • A good VPN service makes your true address invisible for ISPs and other prying eyes, which makes your service more private. Besides, multiple VPNs offer dedicated IPs, which can make your service even more defended. For those who are among the customers a VPN can be useful as it provides multiple server locations that can give you a chance to choose any country you wish and to buy things from different restricted in your region online shops.
  • The best VPN makes all your traffic encrypted, which is gained through the usage of up-to-date protocols. While sending or receiving any traffic on the internet it passes through a secured tunneling and gets inaccessible for any third party. For those who want to buy something from ecommerce sites, running a VPN will be a great idea as all the targeted ads that make you restless can be switched off.
  • The most reliable VPN assures to keep no logging or metadata, which makes your service protected not only from adversaries, ISPs and other prying parties, but also from the VPN provider you have chosen. In such a way all your online activities will be protected from uncontrolled penetration into your private life.

Digital Wars: Netflix VS VPNAlso, due to the fact that the market of the service is crowded with different outputs, you should come now to the problem carefully. For you to choose a right service, you need to know about the main characteristics the best service should have: a vast variety of server locations, strong encryption protocols, unlimited bandwidth, trial version or money-back guarantee, support of different payment methods, 24/7 professional technical group assistance, security, privacy and high level of anonymity. Provided that your budget doesn’t let you subscribe for a paid service, you need to be even more conscious about a free one, as you will get no assistance from the customer support and your network can be overloaded with multiple annoying ads or even jeopardized. As soon as you have already subscribed for a VPN, you might have faced some difficulties with Netflix accessing.

The thing is that media companies don’t like the possibility to access their websites from the geo-blocked regions with the help of a VPN, for instance, therefore, many of them including Netflix tighten their policy related to the service. That is exactly why Netflix and other media services started to block accessing through VPNs. Fortunately, good services are able to stand against the problem. The latest research has shown that Netflix has managed to block 90% of all the VPN connections to the channel at a blow. They maintained this due to blocking IPs not individually, but by their specific characteristics. The vast majority of VPNs was included into the group of services that were successfully blocked. But the best VPNs for Netflix have survived due to updating of the infrastructure and offering residential services. However, this has led to increasing in prices for the services.

The situation is called by many issuing as a war between media and commercial companies. Being an average customer, you might have no desire to get involved into the war, but want to watch your favorite streaming services. In this regard, you will have to subscribe for the best service ever to have such a possibility. Unfortunately, being opened, the problem will cause much more inconveniences than it has already done. As soon as you are deprived of a possibility to watch the streaming service due to your geographical location, you have two possibilities to solve the problem either to subscribe for an appropriate service or to give up on the opportunity. Being a Netflix fan, your choice is obvious, which is great, as VPN service is useful not only for watching geo-restricted streaming services, but also for your network protection. In case if you are afraid of your ISPs or Netflix network administration, you should be sure the best VPN will help you to solve the issue. As soon as fine services run up-to-date protocols that are to make your traffic encrypted inaccessible and unreadable for any prying eyes. So, having decided the issue with your favorite streaming service, you make your online life protected from multiple threats aside the media commercial problems. Once the war between VPNs and media companies is not being finished and you can’t influence the outcome of the issue, you need to solve your specific task.