Democracy is stated to be enhanced by technology development

Last updated: December 05, 2016

Democracy is stated to be enhanced by technology developmentIt has become vivid from the latest reports that Edward Snowden, who has been living in Russia since the NSA’s monitoring disclosure, holds that people’s rights can be electronically protected more efficiently than today’s elections do, for instance.

According to the words of the CIA’s ex-employee, everything matters starting from elections up to each vote, but citizens shouldn’t suffer from political overpressure and impairment of rights. The computer professional is of opinion that democracy is positively related to technology development. As soon as our smart phones expose our location, they should work to our benefit rather than to our imperiling.

Snowden is sure that thanks to new protective technology dissidents can speak up on the Internet without fear of being traced and banned or fined. So, if you don’t want Facebook or any other company to control your online activities, it’s better to apply a strong VPN for your network. A good VPN for Facebook is to encrypt all your traffic and make your authentic address invisible, while you are able to choose any geo-location you wish. There are different services specified for various accounts and needs, so look after your system prior to being attacked by an adversary.