Decoding the Working of VPN

Last updated: April 08, 2016

VPN services can help to connect to a secure private network.You have a business and it grows with multiple shops and offices across the world/country. So, you need an efficient system to keep all these together. There are so many people working in different locations all over the world and there needs to have a coordinate effort to keep it all together. You need a reliable and secure way to share sensitive information across various private networks. Moreover, those employees who travel constantly need to access the data and resources of the private network from remote locations. So, how to deal with this?

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a very popular and reliable technology to deal with an issue like this. With the help of VPN, you will be able to connect to a secure private network from a public network without the fear of security breach. The VPN will allow you to establish a virtual connection for you. This connection is encrypted and the information you send across will be protected so that hackers can do nothing about it. Even if somebody intercepts it, they won’t be able to decrypt the encrypted data and that will make it a lot safer for your business.

However, you need to realize the fact that VPN wasn’t the very first technology to come up with remote connections. Even before the introduction of VPN, companies with multiple offices all over the world relied on other technologies to keep their data safe. Back then they relied on leased line to get it done. ISDN is an example of a leased line, which most of the companies relied on.

Leased lines helped companies to expand their private network beyond their home countries. Since big companies have offices all over the world, they needed an effective communication channel and leased lines served them for years until VPN came into the picture. As stated before, leased lines are secure and reliable. However, one has to consider the cost as well as it is a really costly thing. The cost will definitely increase as the geographical distance increases.

Today, the internet is highly accessible. More and more Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are coming up with ways to provide cheap internet. They are doing everything they could to come up with more reliable and faster internet connection for their customers. As a result, most of the companies bidding goodbye to leased lines and started adopting the new technologies. They have done it without sacrificing the security and performance. Companies started using intranets which are meant to be used only by the employees in the company as it is a private network. Intranets allowed employees to communicate effectively sitting in different country offices with the help of technology like desktop sharing. Now with the introduction of VPN, things have become even easier for the employees.

A VPN has made it really easy for companies to protect their sensitive data. A VPN uses tunneling to protect the data packages sent over the network. The highly encrypted data will be of no use to the hackers even if they manage to gain access to it. As a result, more and more companies are embracing VPN these days since it works really well for them.