Critical features a fine VPN service should provide you with

Last updated: October 20, 2016

Critical features a fine VPN service should provide you with Having decided on a VPN usage you should give consideration to critical features a fine service presents. Here are some of important characteristics:

#1 protocols:

The feature is probably one of the most relevant for the service, because up-to-date protocols provide your networking with a high level of defense. If your online work needs to be thoroughly secured, you should give preference to such protocols as OpenVPN, IPSec, IKEv2. If you are looking for faster speed performance and neglect strong inscriptive methods, pay attention to such protocols as PPTP and L2TP.

#2 ‘no log’ policy:

If you are concerned about eavesdropping, which is being committed by our governmental agencies and ISP, you definitely want to find a privacy-providing service. A top-rated VPN is to hide your true address. You are to have a possibility to choose any virtual location in any country while staying at home. The function hinders your activities from any adversaries, but still it doesn’t give you a guarantee that your online loggings or metadata won’t be used by your VPN provider. So, before subscribing to a service you need to find out whether it stores logs and metadata or not. Another good thing to know is whether the service possesses all the provided servers or just rent them, as the fact of possession will give even more confidence in your online anonymity.

#3 server locations:

If you live in a country with a total censorship over the Internet and its users, you need to have as many virtual switches as possible. Also, it’s of a high importance for those who travel a lot. While traveling all over the globe you can’t stay safe connecting to public Wi-Fi and you can’t know whether this or that Internet-dependent app will work in this area. In this regard, when using a service with multiple virtual locations you can choose your ‘home’ server and feel yourself free. Moreover, the services providing many locations in different countries are known to have faster speed.

#4 trial version & compatibility:

Before subscribing to a service you should find out what platforms the app is compatible with. Moreover, a trial version will be a useful bonus for you as the app operation can be tested in advance.

#5 payment methods & money-back guarantee:

Having decided on a service, you should find out whether the provider accepts different payment methods. The reason is that some of the methods are considered to be more anonymous, such as crypto currency or digital gift cards, for example.

Money-back guarantee is another important feature peculiar to a high-quality service. Sometimes it is difficult to study the service fully in a short time. That is why it is very important to have a money back guarantee when subscribing to one of them.

Having considered all the essential features, you are ready to make a right choice of a VPN.