The CRA rifles through your social media accounts

Last updated: January 31, 2017

The CRA rifles through your social media accounts In keeping with the latest news, the CRA checks social media profiles to find some tax cheats. Luckily, the activity has been debated as only people related to government program can be monitored. As soon as there no correlation with state security case, no data should be collected on a person through ‘digital traces’ including social nets. However, Canadians are warned by security experts and lawyers to think over the data they post online while the issue is being closed.

Another interesting fact is that the privacy Act of Canada hasn’t been changed since 1983. In this regard, Canadians’ needs and expectations are to be overviewed by the authorities of the government in the closest time to make sure the digital environment of the country doesn’t undergo any risks of being interfered. It has been also found out that not only those who cheat on taxes, but also those who have some offshore bank accounts can stay under constant surveillance. Unfortunately, the CRA is not the only government agency that ‘delves into customer’s dirty laundry’. Although it has been revealed that the CRA was practicing the method for a long period of time, the issue is put on hold but still not solved.

Even if you are not involved in tax cheating or any related deals, you need to protect yourself while surfing the internet. In case if you have social media profiles, you need to apply an intense protection to be sure all your post online won’t come to hands of some interested agencies. So, the best solution for your data safeness is the best VPN for Facebook or Twitter. As soon as you are subscribed for the service, all your generated traffic is encrypted, which makes it impossible to intercept or read. Look after your network protection until someone makes it for you.