China has accepted a new controversial cyber-security law

Last updated: November 11, 2016

China has accepted a new controversial cyber-security law A new cyber-security law has been adopted by the government of China. It is known to deal with hacking and terrorism. But fears have been expressed by foreign business and right groups about the probability of the government’s further intruding.

The effect of the described law is set to be taken in summer 2017. In agreement with some external security experts, security reviews should be required for the fact that servers in China will be enabled to store data on them.

Restrictions on Chinese Internet are considered to be even more enhanced by some rights advocates. The Internet in China has been already censored and monitored by the governmental agencies as nowhere else and the experts blow the whistle on the law acceptance’s consequences for the citizens and average customers. The greatest Internet security risks have been already faced by China, which is registered as a country that follows the strictest policy of censorship.

Despite all the controversial appeals to the government the law hasn’t undergone any essential changes and has been pushed ahead. Nevertheless, it has been asserted by the governmental representatives that the law is similar to those accepted in many European countries.

The country has already destroyed the reputation of a state with respect for customers’ rights and Internet freedom. It’s an open fact that multiple social nets, applications, messengers and other web resources are blocked in China. The Golden Shield project and the Great Firewall of China have left little choice for citizens but use Chinese alternatives. Just for the purpose of accessing to the restricted resources, Chinese customers have turned to VPN usage. The best VPN for China gives a guarantee on bypassing the firewall and presents a wide variety of virtual location using which any customer can feel free and protected on the Internet in China.