A cheap VPN solution for a small business

Last updated: May 14, 2018

A cheap VPN solution for a small businessTo register a company is as easy as subscribing for a good VPN, as all you need is to have a look at some details. The internet environment is polluted with multiple viruses and hackers that pose real risks to your online protection. Therefore, about fifteen years ago such a tool as a VPN was invented for business purposes only. Today the service is much sought after by average customers too. So, in case if you have just opened your small business and have invested a lot of money into it, you need a cheap variant that is to operate as a top-priority one.

Choosing a VPN may be a real challenge if you try to make it on your own. Here we are to help you to plan the main preferences for your future service in use. As soon as your best variant is the best VPN for your budget, you need to learn about some key characteristics a good VPN should have. So, a high-quality VPN should offer:

  • A wide variety of server locations

In case if your staff is not big yet, you should look to future with hope, as you might hire some freelance employees who will need to get access to your corporate network too. So, you should think about the countries of your potential or existing employees and choose a service with servers in those countries.

  • Strong encryption methods

We are not going to explain why it is so important for you to protect your confidential information, as being a businessman you have already learnt it. So, you should look for a service that runs OpenVPN and L2TP protocols in combination with long-bit keys, as only on this condition your data will be strongly protected.

  • Company’s reliability

The term implies NO logging policy, acceptance of different payment methods, no personal information during a registration process (just an email and a password), a free trial version, a money-back guarantee, and professional customers’ assistance.

Having observed all the conditions, you see that you have a chance to find a good service at a lower price. The best VPN for business shouldn’t be the most expensive one, it should be of the highest quality.

P.S. As soon as you need to run a service for your company, which includes a set of employees and connected devices, you should prefer business packages or plans with multiple simultaneous connections.