Can it be a criminal offence using a VPN Australia?

Last updated: May 14, 2018

Can it be a criminal offence using a VPN Australia?According to the latest knowledge in June 2015 the copyright act was passed allowing copyright owners to apply to the Federal Court to block all the offshore IPs infringing author’s right. However, a VPN for Australia has nothing to do with the act, as soon as you run it for personal online protection and you are not involved in pirated content distribution. Therefore, it can be stated that using the service for the country is absolutely legal in personal terms.

Besides, a VPN is stated to have been developed for online protection needs. In compliance with the main functions it presents up-to-date solution for your online safeness. With the help of a top-notch VPN service you will be able to avoid all the surveillance committed over the network by your ISPs and government authorities. Besides, the technology will help you avoid all the geo-blocking.

So, let’s look how it works. First of all, having subscribed for a VPN and installed a compatible app, you need to choose the most appropriate server to be connected to. Providing that you need to avoid geo-blocking implied by Netflix, you are required to choose one of the US placed servers. Once the connection is made, your true address is substituted with the US one and all the US based web resources see you, as a native user. Moreover, as soon as a connection to a VPN is established, a secure tunneling is created between your device and a VPN server. All your generated traffic is routed through the tunneling and gets encrypted. This feature makes you protected from unauthorized access and interception of your vulnerable information. Besides, a credible VPN company gives its customer a high level of anonymity, while keeping no logging data and saving no metadata on its clients. Therefore, a VPN has probably nothing to do with illegal actions, until you run the network for personal usage.