Call a taxi with Google Maps and do not forget about privacy

Last updated: January 14, 2017

Call a taxi with Google Maps and do not forget about privacy Nowadays Uber application is installed in more than 1 million mobile devices across the world being the most popular and convenient taxi service. To customers’ dismay it takes much space in operation system. Nevertheless, Google corporation has updated their Maps app allowing to book and pay for Uber even without its installation.

  • The booking process

Google makes it very easy. You need to create or sign into the Uber account and activate Maps app in your device. In such a way, you can order an Uber ride, monitor your driver position and keep in touch with him.

  • Additional features

You can also be able to accessing info about your destination being on the road, such as location area or ride time.

  • The physical appearance

While opening the Google Maps ride service mode, you’ll see a map with service options available in your location and ready for receiving an order.

  • Suitable OS

Google Maps update is available for iOS and Android mobile platforms regarding the geographical location.

  • Personal security

In order to protect your Uber account and keep sensitive data safe, use a VPN service. First of all, VPN encrypts all the traffic protecting the net from penetrations and misusage. In addition, a reliable VPN provider does not keep users’ logs offering absolutely free and secure internet usage. In such a way, you can conduct payments online with no worry about personal info theft.